How to Install ack on Windows 10

Sometimes, you get used to a Linux workflow and prefer doing things like finding files via ack. Here’s how I got it working on Windows 10 64bit. Head over to the Strawberry Perl site and download the correct version. Install Strawberry Perl as administrator. Run cmd as admin. Install ack:

cpan> force install App::Ack

It will take a while for the install to complete, you’ll see plenty of text but this will not require any input from your end. When the window texts stop scrolling you are done. Quit after installation.

cpan> q

And you are done, enjoy using ack on Windows. If you’d like to find out more about how ack works, head over to the ack documentation. If you find this too troublesome you can use a windows port of the silver searcher instead. Instead of ack though, you’ll be using the ag command. Hope this help ^_^]]>