Disconnect Non-Mapped Network Drives in Windows

NAS and was already connected to one of the shared folders which was password protected. When I tried to connect to my wife’s shared folder to copy some files, I got this error: non mapped network drive error Hmmm, cryptic error but I was already aware that I was connected to my current share so I had to disconnect. But how? First off, I issued this command to see my existing shares: see existing shares Seeing that I was still connected to a network share named home, I then deleted the connection: delete current connected share After that, when I tried accessing the intended shared folder, I no longer got an error but I was prompted for a user name and password: login to network share Which I happily obliged to put in the required user name and password. After that I was able to access my wife’s shared folder and get the family pictures I needed. Hope this helps ^_^  ]]>