Fix to Emmet not working on Notepad++

Emmet is an awesome notepad++ plugin and really makes coding in html really efficient. Getting this plugin to run though can be be a pain.
This applies to notepad++ version 6.7.5, couldn’t get the emmet plugin to run and when I tried accessing the python console I get an exception error. Notepad++ is on Windows 8.1 64bit, the following steps got the plugin running:

  • Installed the 64bit version of python for notepad++ the msi file can be downloaded here.
  • Installed emmet via the plugin manager.

The plugin ran fine, but for some odd reason, the default shortcut won’t run the expand abbreviation command (ctrl+alt+enter). This was solved by changing the shortcut mapping for the command to tab.

Just to show how awesome it is, Stefan of shows how emmet rocks.