Google Chrome's Application Shortcut

Firefox browser when I access Google Calendar and Netvibes. So when I discovered Google Chrome with its minimalistic features, it was more than welcome to sit on my desktop.

I used to have a cramped month view with google calendar on my firefox browser. With google chrome’s application shortcut, I get more space and on top of that I get a short cut icon as well sitting on my desktop for faster access. A side note, this is a good example of the blurring of lines between desktop and web applications. To create your own handy app on your desktop, open google chrome and access your favorite web app that you frequently use (ex:, Then, on the upper right side of google chrome, click on the document icon and click on the Create application shortcuts… on the drop down. Make sure you check on the Desktop checkbox before you proceed to click the OK button. When you are done you should have a new shortcut icon on your desktop that will automatically open up a new Chrome app window when clicked. This feature is specially nifty if you have plenty of web based applications that you use on a daily basis. Just don’t get too carried away with creating an app shortcut for virtually all of your web applications. After all, too much of a good thing is still bad. ^_^]]>