How to Delete a Google Analytics Profile

Step 1 Regardless of where you are inside your Google analytics dashboard click on the Admin button on the top right section. click on admin

Step 2

Then click on the account where the profile belongs. click on the account

Step 3

Select the web property where the profile belongs. Click on web property

Step 4

Click on the profile you wish to delete. Click on profile

Step 5

Once inside the profile page, head over to the Profile Settings tab. Go to profile settings

Step 6

On the lower right section, you should find the elusive Delete this profile link. Delete button on the lower right Click the link and that profile’s gone! It took me minutes to find this dang link, and if you ask Google, they always have a knack for making everything sound easy. A caveat though, you won’t be able to delete a profile if it is the used as the primary analytics property linked to your AdSense account. Hope saves this saves you time.  ]]>