How to Export an SSL Certificate on Google Chrome

Here’s how to export an SSL certificate from Google’s Chrome browser. This is specifically for exporting the StartSSL certificate for backup purposes.
Go to Settings > HTTPS/SSL > Manage certificates…
export ssl cert manage certificates
Select the certificate to export. For this case, select the installed certificate under the personal tab.
export ssl cert personal
Click on Export… and the export wizard will start.¬†Click on Next to proceed.
export ssl cert export wizard
Select Yes, to export the private key.
export ssl cert export private key
Export the key as a Personal Information Exchange format (.PFX).
export ssl cert export pie
Key in the password, this is required for the certificate to be exported. Make sure not to forget the password.
export ssl cert password
Set the path where the certificate will be saved.
export ssl cert path
When the certificate is successfully exported, a summary window will show.
export ssl cert done
Make sure that the certificate is placed somewhere safe.