Windows Mobile Connection Error on Windows 7

ASUS F8SG laptop with Windows 7. Whereas ActiveSync worked fine with windows XP, Windows Mobile Device Center seemed to have a problem detecting my smart phone.After installing Windows Mobile Device Center 6.,1 I plugged in my smart phone and I got this error on my device manager: unknown RNDIS device. Tried to look for drivers on the internet but no joy.After a couple of tries though, I finally got my phone to communicate with my PC. Here’s what I did:1. Installed Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1.
2. Plugged in my Windows Mobile smart phone (via usb).
3. An error appeared saying that my system can’t find a suitable driver for my device. I unplugged the phone and enabled the option to automatically find a driver online and install it automatically (or something like that as far as I can remember).
4. Went to Device Manager and uninstalled any undetected devices (the one with the yellow icons).
5. I reconnected my phone, this time a prompt appeared saying that its downloading the respective drivers online.
6. Followed the rest of the prompts and my phone worked fine with Windows Mobile Device Center with no problems at all.I wish I had attached images to make it easier for some of you to understand, but I was such in a hurry to get my contacts from my phone to my pc that I forgot (oh well). Hope this helps ^_^]]>