Zoho Mail as Email Service Backend

Google apps has closed a loooong time ago and if you plan to use a third party service provider for your emails, you’ll be hard pressed to find one. Fortunately, I bumped into ZOHO mail and I like what I see so far. Here’s a guide that will allow you to use your [email protected] emails using ZOHO’s email backend:

Create an Account

Head to https://www.zoho.com/mail/ and click on the GET STARTED button. Sign-up for the FREE edition. Place the domain you want to configure for email. zoho put your domain here Fill-up all the necessary information on the next form. fill up with your info Submit and you are done with your sign-up, proceed to verify your domain. proceed to verify domain

Verify Domain

You’ll be asked to verify your domain, easiest way would be to do it via the CNAME method. You’ll be required to enter a specific CNAME entry to your domain records. Follow the instructions and make sure to verify.

Configure MX Records

Once you’ve verified your domain, you’ll be presented with instructions to add the specific MX records so that mails are routed via ZOHO’s mail server. Follow the instructions and you are done! Be sure to test your email addresses before publishing for use. Hope this helps ^_^  ]]>